Explore Vision Centers apply health safety measures to receive you in the best conditions and to to protect our team:

  • Face covering required for patients and our staff
  • Hygiaphones at reception desks and hydro-alcohoolic gel
  • Different waiting areas to improve safety distance
  • Air conditioning with air renewal by collecting air from the outside which is filtered and then discharged to the outside (for all waiting and examination areas)
  • Imaging devices and workspaces cleaned between each patient
  • Regular cleaning of the center during the day
  • IVT theatre in an atmosphere controlled by micro-filters (operating room level)
  • Limitd number of appointements

In case of a suspicious symptoms, fever or direct contact with a patient affected by Covid-19, we ask you not to show up, to contact your general practitioner or call 15. Your appointment will be reschedule as soon as possible.

Appointment requests are more efficient by using the appointment form.

Explore Vision teams are mobilized to receive you in a secure place for your diagnoses and follow-ups in relation with your ophthalmologist.