Explore Vision Centers

Explore Vision Centers have been specialized in ocular imaging for nearly 15 years with a complete technical platform covering all complementary exploration techniques in ophthalmology and certain eye treatments (Lasers, Intra-Vitreal Injections, etc.)

Explore Vision Centers are organized along ophthalmologists who are specialized in imaging, with multidisciplinary teams involving doctors and nurses in order to respond with the greatest efficiency to request for additional examinations prescribed by treating ophthalmologists.

Explore Vision Centers completes the explorations already available at the Health centers.

Particularity of Explore Vision Centers:

• To have the most efficient and constantly renewed examination devices according to technological developments.

• And to have almost all of the existing explorations whether in glaucoma, cataract, retina and refractive surgery disease.

These heavy technical trays cannot be available in all Health centers: the great specialization of Explore Vision Centers, with the confidence of many ophthalmologists, has allowed for many years to extend the range of explorations and the great specialization of internal teams.

All staff working at Explore Vision Centers have a highly specialized training in order to master the different devices and protocols of each exploration technique. For example, secretaries can organize the sequences of examinations when making appointments: some examinations require pupil dilation and others do not consequently, it is necessary to proceed by an order in the explorations. Orthoptists also have a perfect command of image acquisitions by the many devices and can pre-select procurement procedures that are best suited for each pathology.

The high specialization of the centres and the heaviness of the technical trays require optimal management of appointments with structuring area to assign only one device per examination room. The areas are all air-conditioned with air renewal system.

The intra-vitreous injection block meets the standards of surgical blocks with a very high level of asepsis.

Each examination results in a medical report that is sent by post or by email to the treating ophthalmologists.

Explore Vision Centre organization was made to complete the examinations made by the treating ophthalmologists. The trust relationship forged for more than 15 years with our ophthalmologists network is based on the fact that Explore Vision Centers do not practice a conventional eye check-up and do not perform surgery with an operating theatre.